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Regarding vehicle parking...

On behalf of the HOA Board of Directors I am posting this on our website and wanted to add it here as well.  We've had some questions regarding parking in the streets and we wanted to provide the information below from the village.
Below is the section of the Village's Code of Ordinances regarding parking:
(A)     It shall be unlawful to park a vehicle between the curb or edge of pavement of a street and the front building line of any residential dwelling unit projected to the side of the lot other than completely upon an improved parking area.  For purposes of this section, IMPROVED means surfaced with concrete, asphalt, gravel, or any other material commonly used for the parking of vehicles, but not including grass or dirt.

Violation of parking on lawns of a residential dwelling unit, $50.

For the complete Clemmons Code of Ordinances please click here.



Update on Village Hall to Tanglewood Sidewalk

Update on Village Hall to Tanglewood Sidewalk


Please read the following three emails. First, from Asbury Place resident and former engineer, Sam Stitcher.  Second, from Mary Cameron, Village Councilwoman.  Third, from the Mayor Nick Nelson.

Click here to read the emails.

Pool Guest Policy

Asbury Place pool is a private, neighborhood pool.  To attend the pool without being a dues paying member of our Home Owners Association one must pay a $3 guest fee.  There are exceptions to this rule, which include out-of-town house guests and caregivers (nannies, babysitters and Grandparents).  Please pay the lifeguard if you bring a guest.  If you have a specific concern regarding a guest fee, please speak with the lifeguard on duty or email the neighborhood pool manager in advance.

Be Sure to Join Next Door!

We are sunsetting our Facebook group in two weeks.  To be more inclusive of all neighbors we are moving our neighborhood communications to  Please join us!

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