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Community Watch

Asbury Place Community Watch Update


Coordinator: Sam Stitcher, 

Phone: 336.831.5825



The Asbury Place Community Watch Program was launched in the fall of 2016 by Sam Stitcher. Since its inception, we have received new signs for the three entrances into Asbury Place on Hwy 158. We replaced the signs at the upper entrances with new signage and used the old signs at the pool and the end of Hearthstone Drive. Several yard signs were also purchased and placed in yards and more are available for those who are interested. 


As of yet, we have not set up a community watch committee or block captains as recommended by Sgt. Sayers with the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office. If there is a renewed interest by neighbors becoming proactive members of the Community Watch Program this can certainly be done.


Since the start of the program (putting up signs), there haven't been any burglaries reported to our community leaders or the police. Here are the basic activities, as recommended by Sgt. Sayers.


1. Attend community meetings and/or become a member of the Asbury Place Nextdoor community link.  


2. Get to know your neighbors. 


Make sure that the surrounding neighbors know you and let them know when you will be out of town. Stop the mail and newspaper service. Ask a neighbor to remove your garbage and recycle containers from the street. Be sure they know how to contact you should they see something unusual going on at your home. 


3. Be aware of your surroundings and report unusual/suspicious activities. 


DO NOT WORRY if what you report is not a crime. The police would rather respond to 99 non-crime calls than miss one crime. What do you do? Simple. Call 911!!! You will be anonymous and no one will be able to find out you reported the situation.


4. Take ownership of your safety and property. 


Lock your car doors. It's a habit. It's even difficult for me. Just get in the habit of doing it. Also, lock your house and windows. If you see anything that you don't feel is right, call 911. Who gets hurt in home invasions? Those who didn't report it immediately. And NEVER go outside with a gun. You could be arrested if not shot by a burglar. We don't want that and neither do you.


5. Trust your instincts and respond appropriately. 


If you see someone driving slowly up and down the street, call 911. If you see an unmarked moving truck or similar vehicle at a house that you know shouldn't be, call 911. If you are having work done at your house, make sure your neighbors know it. We hope this doesn't happen, but if you see a domestic dispute or neighbors fighting, call 911.

Asbury Place Community Watch Program Report - Please contact Sam Stitcher ( with questions.
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